Happy Championship Sunday

We have two really great games on tap today. But you know, I’ve not been really good at figuring out who will win these playoff games. … But, I’m going to discuss it anyway!

Packers v. Falcons. 

It appears both teams are on quite a roll right now.

I say appears, because if we’re honest – It’s Aaron Rodgers that is playing like a man on a mission.


A man with a rather large chip on his shoulder. A guy who has been getting ridiculed in the media for being aloof. Not having the greatest relationship with his family. And the only reason we know about that is because his brother was on The Bachelor. …

Good grief.

It would be a completely legit complaint about the quarterback … if it was adversely impacting his performance. Thing is … It’s not. He is playing much better than people who have seemingly better relationships with their family.

Atlanta on the other hand is a team that is playing with that same chip on their collective shoulders. Matt Ryan seems to want to lead this bunch of guys to a Super Bowl. Because … honestly? It’s about damn time he did!


Matt Ryan is an amazing quarterback. An amazing quarterback who should be an amazing Super Bowl champion quarterback.

This game is going to be high scoring and really freaking close. And it’s a complete toss up.

And then, there is tonight’s game …

Steelers vs. Patriots

They are playing at Foxboro but I still don’t think that is enough with Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers playing so well.


And then there is the whole I don’t care much for the Patriots with Rob Gronkowski isn’t playing…


I’m pulling for the Steelers in this one…


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