Quick Thoughts on St. Louis Cardinals and Jason Heyward

So this is what it’s like when someone leaves and it’s not for the money?

It’s way more frustrating than I even imagined! Jason Heyward has reportedly signed with the Chicago Cubs. And the Cubs were actually the low bidder. Behind the St. Louis Cardinals and the Washington Nationals.

… I understand little one. I understand.

So what does this all mean?

1. The Cardinals made it known when they acquired Jason Heyward that they would do their best to woo him into becoming a Cardinal for years to come. It seemed to go well. He said he enjoyed his time with the team. The fans loved him. The Cardinals promised signing Heyward was the top goal this offseason.

2. Maybe they shouldn’t have made that known. Maybe it’s one of those situations where you let it be known how you feel, and it’s not really reciprocated but the target of your attention is nice and lets you think everything is great. But you present them with a long-term, multi-million dollar proposal … and they bolt! That’s more commitment than they were really seeking. It’s not you, it’s me… Yeah!

3. I am mad at no one. Jason Heyward obviously did what he felt best for him and you can’t fault him for that even if it does mean he goes to the Chicago Cubs. You can’t be mad at the Cardinals. They apparently made the top offer. They did their best to make him feel welcome. Heyward made his choice despite the team’s best efforts. More than anything it just makes you feel more upset about the situation that led to the Cardinals needing Heyward. Rest in peace, Oscar Tavares.

4. I made an unfortunate promise when the debate of where Jason Heyward would go started getting ridiculous…

I guess I have to keep that promise, huh?

5. Who cares who the Cardinals go after next? Granted, I am in a great state of disappointment. But. The team needs a bat and a starting pitcher. And probably some other pieces too. Anyone they get is just gonna be like Meh to me. Alex Gordon? Yoenis Cespedes? Sure that would be great. Probably won’t get them now. See? Meh. Just go ahead and sign Johnny Cueto why don’t you! See. That’s ridiculous. But really. The struggle is going to be real until the season gets underway. Everything just seems like it will be anger inducing or a let down now. Meh!

6. Please don’t sign Johnny Cueto. I mean really.

7. I still love the Cardinals. I’m just really let down.

8. I hope they do find some pieces that will pick my spirits up.

9. No. Really. Don’t sign Johnny Cueto.

10. Just. Win. Cardinals. Just do what you have to do to win and beat Heyward and the Cubbies. K? That’s all I ask!


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