St. Louis Cardinals Offseason … So Far

Well. I certainly meant to write more here over the last few weeks. Silly life and work!

That said, I do have a few thoughts on what has been going on thus far for the St. Louis Cardinals.

* I’m perfectly OK with the Cards being second in the stakes to get David Price. Sure, he is good. But the price tag, if you will, and commitment was huge for someone with a lack of amazing play in the playoffs. Pitching in the playoffs, and pitching well in the playoffs, is very important. Look back on the last couple of seasons for the Cardinals. Pitching. It’s important, y’all.

* Jason Heyward hasn’t been re-signed. Jason Heyward needs to be re-signed. As soon as possible.

* Pitching. Minor league top prospect Alex Reyes got 50 games suspended in the minors for pot. Lance Lynn is out for the season after Tommy John surgery… Yeah, that wasn’t a surprise at all. How long had he needed that, I wonder! So, we have Adam Wainwright, Michael Wacha, Carlos Martinez … and Jaime Garcia too. With all the injuries and what not, this pitching staff makes me cringe a little. They are good. They are. But. It needs some things. And I know John Mozeliak is working on it. Jordan Zimmerman and David Price are taken. Still some interesting names out there. I have faith Mo will find someone. And? Marco Gonzales. Remember him? Maybe he gets a shot this season. And I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing the team sign John Lackey for a couple of years. And, hey, maybe even pay him a little for what he’s brought to the team the last season and a half. That would be cool! He was the team’s best pitcher in October.

* No more Tony Cruz? Well. It was time. Good guy, but. Yadier Molina is human and has had some injuries. He definitely needs to feel comfortable in taking a break. When a majority of the fan base cringes when Yadi is out, well… that’s not good and it is time to make a change. Brayan Pena was signed this week to a two-year deal. He seems to be a better backup option. And. That’s fine. This is a business and you have to do what you have to do. Reports say Mo will look to trade Cruz or let him hit the free agent market. It would be nice to get something for him… We shall see.

* Did I mention re-signing Jason Heyward? Yeah. Get on it Mo!

* Speaking of Heyward, *cough, cough* Sign him. Did you see that Shelby Miller, who the Cardinals gave up to get Heyward, seems to be getting shopped? Goodness.

* Chris Davis talk. Wow. Well. It would be nice to have that huge bat in the Cardinals line-up. Plus? He plays first base. Remember last season at that spot … Matt Adams was hurt and thank goodness for Mark Reynolds and Stephen Piscotty. Davis is looking to get a huge pay increase. Would getting Davis prevent them from re-signing Heyward and not getting a top tier starting pitcher? We don’t want that. It would be interesting. I just don’t know if it’s feasible. We shall see!

Things should get a little interesting in the days ahead. I look forward to seeing what our Cardinals do. The team needed to make some changes to achieve their ultimate goal. Winning the World Series is what it’s all about.


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