Why, Oh Why Jaime Garcia

The St. Louis Cardinals are set to bring back lefty pitcher Jaime Garcia in 2016 by picking up a $11.5 million dollar option Monday.

This makes me cringe. So much.

Garcia has been with the Cardinals since 2008. This probably surprises you a little. Am I right?

Yes, the promising pitcher has had his fair share of injuries and mental setbacks.

In 2015, Jaime surprised the team, and the fan base, by stepping up when the team needed him most. He went 10-6 with a 2.43 ERA, racking up 97 strikeouts. After years of inconsistency, Jaime was consistent and was pretty much the go-to guy behind Carlos Martinez.

And then we hit October and an important start in Game 2 of the National League Division Series against the Chicago Cubs.

After a year of awesome, Garcia reverted back to the Jaime we know.

Suffering from an apparent tummy-ache, Garcia failed to tell Cardinals manager Mike Matheny of his illness until a couple of hours before his important start.

If you aren’t feeling well, you need to do what’s best for the team. Give your manager enough time to get another starter – maybe Lance Lynn or Carlos Villanueva – time to prepare.

But. No. Jaime didn’t do that … and you know what happened? THIS! This happened:







He pretty much forgot how to baseball.

Jaime only pitched two innings and the team lost 4-1 at home to the Cubs.  The team just seemed to lose momentum for the rest of the series and that was that for a promising 2015 season.


So. Knowing this. It’s just surprising to see Jaime come back.

I believe in second chances. But this will be Jaime’s tenth, you guys.

If the Cardinals do bring him back and aren’t using this option pick-up as trade bait, I hope the option includes an honesty clause.

If Jaime has a hangnail and can’t throw a curve. Tell Mike. If Jaime has a stubbed toe? Tell Mike. Need some more Sprite for an anxious stomach, ahead of a big start? TELL MIKE!

If Jaime does pitch next season for the Cardinals, I hope we see more of the Jaime we got during the regular season. Good Jaime. Otherwise, it may be time to give Jaime a change of scenery to get rid of those mental hang ups.



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